4cm Metal 'Musical' Ying Yang Ball (Assorted Colours)

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Ying Yang 'Musical' Meditation Exercise Balls

Assorted Colours. 

You will receive a 'Random' Colour - unless you Buy Four in One Transaction - Then We Will Include One of Each Colour

Also knows as: Chinese Health Balls

Chinese Health Balls are Used to Improve Arm Circulation and Hand Co-ordination.

They also Activate Acupressure Points on the Palms of the Hands - Activating Your Inner Energy.  The Gentle 'Music' of the Balls is also Very Relaxing.

This May Promote Greater Health by:

  • Relieving Joint Stiffness and Soreness
  • Improving Blood Circulation
  • Relaxing Muscles and Joints
  • Improve Memory
  • Promoting Sleeping
  • Relieving Stress
  • Size:  Diameter 40mm

How to use:

  • Hold Two Matching Health Balls in One Hand.
  • Rotate the Balls Slowly in One direction, then in the Opposite Direction.
  • Swap Hand and Repeat

Each Ball Sold Separately. 
No Further Discounts Apply.