Selenite Charging/Cleansing Stick

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Selenite Charging/Cleansing Sticks

As Selenite is a Delicate and Soft Mineral Some Sticks May Have Tiny Markings and May Flake Off Easily - So Extra Care is Required When Handling Them.

Item Details:

  • Shape - Rough Stick
  • Material - Natural Selenite
  • Size - Approximately 6.5cm long, 13mm wide & 13mm thick
  • Weight - approximately 30g 

Selenite Attributes:
Selenite is a Cleansing, Healing, Calming, and Protective Crystal. It Absorbs and Dissipates Negative Energy, Instils Deep Peace, Stabilizes Emotions, Promotes Calmness and Assists Mental Clarity.

Selenite Cleanses and Charges Other Crystals and Can be Used to Create a Safe, Peaceful and Uplifting Space. It is Excellent for Meditation or Spiritual Work.

It is a form of Gypsum Mineral - so Avoid Getting it Wet as it May Dissolve in Water. 

Each Stick is Individually Cut from Natural Selenite, and Therefore, May Vary Slightly in Size and Clarity.

Genuine Gemstone
Each Piece Sold Separately. 
No Further Discounts Apply.