Shungite Products

Authentic High-Quality Shungite Products Direct from Karelia, Russia.

Detox for the Mind, Body & Soul using a Range of Shungite Products.

All Shungite Contains ‘Fullerenes’: A Powerful Antioxidant - the Only Known Source on Earth. Made from Rare, Non-Crystalline Carbon Mineral Foundation.

Shungite is Over 2 Billion Years Old - One of the Rarest Crystals Found on the Planet 😲

Since Ancient Times, Shungite has been Used to Purify Water. This is Due to its  Activity Against Bacteria and Viruses.

A 2018 study States that Shungite can Filter Water by Removing Contaminants and Organic Substances like Pesticides. A 2017 study also Found that Carbon From Shungite can Remove Radioactive Compounds from Water.

Said to Inhibit Electromagnetic Fields, such a Mobile Phones/Laptops, etc

Source: The Gemstone Society.