Chip Necklaces

Are you stocking Gemstone Chip Bracelets?
If your answer is 'Yes' - then you need the matching Necklace - well, of course! 

As with our Chip Bracelets, our Chip Necklaces are available in a choice of either TAGGED (Description of Stone Type and Meaning) or Un-Tagged

Available in:

45cm Length - includes Silver Fastener.  Each Sold Separately.  Choose from Regular or Chunky.

We also Stock the versatile 90cm Continuous Loop (no catch) Chip Necklaces - these make a fine addition to any store, offering value for money, ease of fitting, as there are no 'fiddly catches' to frustrate those Customers with a case of 'stubborn fingers'  

 **Coming Soon**

45cm & 50cm Combination Chip Necklaces - to match some of our lovely Combination Chip Bracelets

Keep your peepers open!