*SPECIAL* 'Random Mix' 1Kg Bulk JUMBO Tumbles

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Bulk 'JUMBO' Tumbles - 'Random Mix'

Available in KILO Lots
(Contains approximately 10 to 15 Jumbo Tumbles per Kilo) 

(Size per Jumbo Ranges approx: 35mm - 50mm) 

A Great Way to 'Bulk Up' Your Stock At a Super Low Price Per Kilo!

This 'Random Mix' of JUMBO Tumbles Are What We Call Our 'Economy Class Stock'.  Still Lovely, but Not Our 'First Class Stock'. 

These Are What We Have Left Over After We Have 'Hand-Picked' the Best Quality For Our Customers.

The Jumbo Tumbles in this 'Mix' Change Often - Depending On What We Have On-Hand At The Time - the Photo is for 'Reference Only'

A mix may include Genuine Gemstones/Man-Made or Colour Enhanced Stones.
No Further Discounts Available.