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Crystal Wish Bags make an Inexpensive, Thoughtful and Lovely Gift for your Customers to purchase - and they are as popular now as they ever been!

Our Range has 12 Different Wishes: 
~ De-Stress
~ Friendship
~ Good Health
~ Good Luck
~ Happiness
~ Healing
~ Inner Peace
~ Love
~ Protection
~ Purification
~ Safe Travel
~ Wealth


Each and Every Individual Wish Bag contains the following:

    • 3 Gemstone Crystals meaningful to the chosen Wish
    • Information Tag - with Gemstone Descriptions and Wish Instructions
    • Colourful Organza Bag
    • Swing Tag - with the Name of the Wish Bag

Proudly Made With Our Own Hard Working Hands ~ The Wild Spirit Wholesale Team 

Or you may like to Purchase a FULL DISPLAY SET OF 24 WISH BAGS(to make things really easy for you) and give your Customers the full choice! Just click this link to take you to the Set.

Carrying a crystal pouch or bag of crystals is one of the most versatile and oldest manners for crystal healing. You can hang your healing crystal bags in your home, carry them with you in your purse, place them on your nightstand or even under your pillow. Packed with positive life force and charka-cleansing purity.