Prayer Flags

Another popular item to stock in your store are these treasured Prayer Flags.

You know you've seen them - hanging in 'New Age' Shop Windows, that random house you drove past, at Uni - perhaps even on that mountain during that overseas trip you took... 

Now Imagine how you would display them in your store 

Some Selling Features for your Customers:

It is a Good Omen to receive Prayer Flags as a Gift - in fact, this is the best way to acquire a Prayer Flag - as the good intentions of the giver become part of the Prayer.

Hanging Prayer Flags outdoors so they can flutter in the wind is ideal.  This way its colours will fade gracefully with the elements and it is believed that their energy becomes a permanent part of the universe.  They 'Carry' the intentions of the Prayers to all. 

It is advised to burn old prayer flags instead of disposing of them in the garbage. With this practice, we thank their use and release our intentions into the ether; allowing it to spread so it can come back again.

Suggestions on how they can be used Indoors:

–  In a meditation or yoga room to elevate the spiritual energy in the room.

– To encourage your business place.

– To complete an altar hang a prayer flag with mantras.

– To safeguard a child’s space hang in their bedroom.

– Don’t be afraid to create movement by changing room placement by the month or season.

Prayer flags should be treated with respect. They should never be placed on the ground or used as articles of clothing.