Tumbled Stones

Like all successful New Age Retailers, Healers, Psychics, Clairvoyants - and many others already know - having an Expansive Range of Semi-Precious Tumbled Stones Available is Essential to your Business - providing your Customers with Choice is what Keeps Bringing them Back Again and again.
Choose from our Wide Selection of Quality Gemstones Carefully Sourced from Around the Globe to Provide Only the Best for You and Your Customers.

To suit your needs, we provide all our Tumbles in a variety of sizes - Use the 'Drop-Down Menu' to Select the Size you want

Tip: 'it is CHEAPER to Buy 1 x 200gms (etc) than if you Buy 2 x 100gms. #YouAreWelcome 😊

100 grams - Approx: 7-8 Stones

200 grams - Approx: 14-16 Stones

500 grams - Approx: 35-40 Stones

1 Kilo - Approx: 70-80 Stones

Please note: The Above Approximate Amount of Stones Per 100/200/500Grams & 1 Kilo is based on MOST of the Tumbles - Products such as 'Jet' are much lighter - you would then receive approximately 8-9 Stones per 100grams. Products such as 'Hematite' are much heavier - therefore they are not available in 100grams.  


    Looking for a great way to Display your Tumbles to catch your Customers eye? Then take a look at our Acrylic Display Stands - does not include stones.

    Too Many Choices?  Unsure where to start and what to stock?  Not a problem - we've got you! Just get in touch with us and we can put together a Custom order designed specifically for your Business.  

    Let us Rock Your World!