Tumbled Stones

Choose from our Wide Selection of Quality Gemstones Carefully Sourced from Around the Globe to Provide Only the Best for You and Your Customers

Tip: 'It is CHEAPER to Buy 1 x 200gms (1x 1kg) than if you Buy 2 x 100gms (2 x 500gms) #YouAreWelcome 😊

Use the 'Drop-Down Menu' to Select the Size you want
100 grams - Approx: 7-8 Stones
200 grams - Approx: 14-16 Stones
500 grams - Approx: 35-40 Stones
1 Kilo - Approx: 70-80 Stones

Please note: The Above Approximate Amount of Stones Per 100/200/500Grams & 1 Kilo is based on MOST of the Tumbles - Products such as 'Jet' are much lighter - you would then receive approximately 8-9 Stones per 100grams. Products such as 'Hematite' are much heavier - therefore they are not available in 100grams.  


    Acrylic Tumble Stone Display Stands - Available HERE (does not include stones)

    Too Many Choices?  Unsure where to start and what to stock?  Not a problem - we've got you! Just get in touch with us and we can put together a Custom order designed specifically for your Business.  

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