Mala Beads - with Knot

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Available in 6mm and 8mm  Beads.  

Mala Beads are a Centuries-Old Tool, Designed to Keep the Mind Focused on the Practice of Prayer and Meditation.

The Symbol of the 'Never-Ending Cycle'. Each Bead in the Mala Counts a Prayer, or Mantra in Sets of 108 Repetitions.

Combining Tactile and Conscious Awareness, the Beads are Moved Sequentially in Rhythm with Breathing. Each Mantra Centers and Stills the Mind, Allowing the Focus to be on the Meaning of the Mantra (rather than counting the repetitions).

Each Time the Mantra is Repeated, the Fingers Move to the Next Bead. When Using a Mala Repeatedly, it is Believed to Take on the Energy of the Mantra that is Being Recited.


Each Piece Sold Separately