Tumbled Stone - Turquoise (S)

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Turquoise - CONNECTION - Preserves friendship. Protects you from harm. Enhances the power of self-expression. Helps you to feel connected to others and the world around you.

Please note: it is important to understand the difference between 'Natural' Turquoise and 'Treated' Turquoise.

Natural Turquoise is (usually) very soft in character, porous and in severely limited supply.  However, the material of Natural Turquoise also absorbs agents such as skin oils, sweat or grease - which changes its colour and value... As such - and due to the substantial price and limited supply - 'Natural' Turquoise is becoming less likely to be available.  

Treated Turquoise there are several types of ‘Treatments’ to enhance Natural Turquoise (such as 'Chalk', 'Impregnated', etc).  However, we stock one of the Highest-Quality ‘Stabilized’ Turquoise available on the market. 

This means the stone is chemically treated by adding an epoxy resin for increased hardness and enhanced colour.

All our stones come with Permanent Colour and a lovely Matrix**

This Stabilized Turquoise is Beautiful and offers Great Value! 

Be Wary of Sellers offering ‘Natural’ Turquoise – as they may not know the difference – but your Savvy Customers will!

** Matrix is the vein-like inclusions that run through Turquoise – such as:

  • Black matrix = Result of iron pyrite.
  • Yellow matrix = Result of rhyolite.
  • Brown matrix = Result of one (or more) of 16 different types of iron oxide.