Tumbled Stone - Hematite (Rainbow) - 'A' Grade

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'A Grade' Rainbow Hematite

Our 'Regular' Tumbles are the Best Available in the Market ??  However if you are Looking to Add a 'Point of Difference' to your Tumbles - Try Our Range of 'AA' and 'A' Grade Tumbles!

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(Please Note: as these are Very Heavy Stones, they are Not available in 100gm

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All Gemstones come with a 'Description and Attributes Card'.

Rainbow Hematite - GROUNDING - Like other Hematite's, this is a grounding stone but because it resonates with all the colours of the spectrum it holds a much lighter and fluid grounding energy than other Hematite's.

This Gemstone - Size ranges from 25mm - 30mm

Gemstone Information:  Rainbow Hematite (also known as 'Iridescent Hematite') displays the full spectrum of colours by the process of Bonding a thin film comprised of Aluminium and Phosphate.

'Naturally' mined Rainbow Hematite material is growing in scarcity. The major seam at Andrade is no longer actively mined.

Source: The Gemstone Society.

We have sourced some of the Best Rainbow Hematite (bonded) currently available on the Market!