Tumbled Stone - Ocean Jasper (Large)

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'Large' Ocean Jasper - Approximate Size: 30-35mm

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Ocean Jasper - PHYSICAL HEALER - Healing for the body. Releases obsessions. Helps balances your life. Good for matters of the heart. Increases creativity and aids inspiration. Balances and strengthens body and mind.

Crystal Information: “Ocean Jasper” is actually the registered trademark name given to an unusual variety of Orbicular Jasper by The Gem Shop, Inc.

This mineral is found in only one place in the world: a remote location along the shores of northeast Madagascar.

It is an exciting stone that comes in a wild range and combination of colors and exhibits attractive spherical, wavy line and floret pattern inclusions of variable coloration. It is a microcrystalline quartz and a member of the Chalcedony Family. 

In 2006 the last rock from the deposit was mined. The mine is now depleted. The search for new deposits is ongoing but nothing has been found as yet...

Source: The Gem Shop, Inc. (2018)