Tumbled Stone - Crinoid Fossil/Jasper

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Size is Approx: 25-30mm

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Crinoid Fossil/Jasper - RELIEVES ANXIETY - Eases stress and helps you to handle responsibilities. Aids creative visualisation. Brings protection and promotes self-healing. Heals emotions and brings peace of mind.

What is a Crinoid Fossil?

Crinoids, or Sea Lilies, are an aquatic animal that resembles a flower growing on a thick stem. The crinoids attach themselves to the bottom of the sea floor or a rock or a piece of wood with the root-like holdfast. Crinoids are echinoderms, with the flower part being the 'arms' that filter plankton from the water to catch its food.

Almost all varieties of Crinoids have been extinct since the end of the Triassic period, but a few species exist to this day. In fact, the fossil record shows Crinoids extending back as far as 480 million years ago!

Fossils are the mineralized or otherwise preserved remains or traces of animals, plants, and other organisms. Because of their age they have been used throughout the centuries as a talisman for protection and long life.

Source: Fossil Era