Tumbled Stone - Angel Aura Quartz (Mix)

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Included in this Mix of Angel Aura Quartz is: 

- White Angel

- Blue Angel

- Gold Angel

- Light Blue Angel

- Rainbow Black Angel

You may choose from the following sizes:

> 100gms
> 200gms
> 500gms
> 1 Kilo

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Angel Aura Quartz - HAPPINESS - Known for Uplifting, these Tumbled Stones Help fill you with Joy, Optimism, and a Love of Life. They Remind Us that the Beauty of the World Around Us is Part of Our Being - a Shining Light Within Each of Us.

Approx. size ranges from 20mm - 30mm

Angel Aura Quartz, contains a high vibration of platinum, which allows you to access your spirit guide and the energy of the angels. Including your guardian angel. An amazing crystal for those who require personal growth and positive direction. This crystal has been heated to an extremely high temperature then vacuum coated with fine vaporised precious metals. The result is that these metals bonded to the crystal’s surface creating an iridescent metallic sheen, hence the “Aura” word in its name.