Tumbled Stone - Shungite

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250gram Bags - available in:

> 250gm Bag - Medium (approx: 4cm)

> 250gm Bag - Large (approx: 5cm)

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Shungite - DETOX STONE - Detox for the Mind, Body & Soul. Contains ‘Fullerenes’: A Powerful Antioxidant - the Only Known Source on Earth. Said to Inhibit Electromagnetic Fields, such a Mobile Phones/Laptops, etc

Crystal Information: 100% Authentic High-Quality Shungite Stones Direct from Russia.

This is the TYPE II Shungite (there are 3 types of Shungite) Type II and Type III and Recommended for Healing and Protection from EMF.

The Only Shungite Recommended to Filer Water is Type I - which is the "Elite Shungite"     Please see our Listings for 'Elite Shungite'

Made from Rare, Non-Crystalline Carbon Mineral Foundation. Only Known Natural Material to Contain Fullerenes (which occurs when Carbon Molecules Bond Together Powerful Antioxidants).

Over 2 Billion Years Old - One of the Rarest Crystals Found on the Planet

Source: The Gemstone Society.