Shungite Bracelet - 8mm

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8mm Round Shungite Beads - Stretch Bracelet 

Measures Approximately 8cm (before stretching) - Stretchy Enough to Fit a Range of Wrist Sizes.  Made with a Double-Strand Layer of Tough Elastic Cording. 

  • Shungite is Nature’s Strongest EMF Protector, and Wearing Shungites is an Ideal Way to See its Effects! 
  • In Today's Society, it is Impossible to Avoid Potentially Harmful Electromagnetic Fields. People who are Sensitive to EMFs Feel Better when Wearing Certain Protective Minerals and Stones, Such as Shungite.
  • Shungite is Also Said to Block Negative Energy.

This is a Rare Gemstone and Can Only be Found in the Karelia area in Russia 

Genuine Shungite

Each Piece Sold Separately