Gemstone Zodiac Necklaces

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Each Zodiac Necklace is individually packaged and has its own Information Tag that includes the Star Sign, Traits, Dates and Gemstone Description.

Choose from the 12 Star Signs: 
~ Aquarius
~ Aries
~ Cancer
~ Capricorn
~ Gemini
~ Leo
~ Libra
~ Pisces
~ Sagittarius
~ Scorpio
~ Taurus
~ Virgo


Did you know - based on Modern, Traditional and Ancient Wisdom - that wearing your own Zodiac Gemstone, compliments and enhances your own personal power? 

Remember to mention to your Customers that Ancient Wisdom and Lore teaches us that when you are born your body has a natural vibration linked to the Universe of which you are part. If this can be recreated around you all the time everything in your life will flow better.

Carrying or wearing you birthstone replicates the vibrations of the stars and planets at your time of birth. These will be drawn down towards you, boosting your aura. This is protective physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It is also thought that such birthstones will increase your body's own healing power. You have more energy, recover quicker from illness and injury and feel stronger emotionally and mentally to cope with life's everyday stresses and strains.

Source: The Crystal Healer.