Gemstone Hollow Skulls - 40mm

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Unique 'Hollow Skull' Carvings

Available in Black Obsidian, Picasso Stone, Rose Quartz, Seftonite (Bloodstone) and White Jade.  

We haven't Seen Such Well Crafted Skulls in a Long Time!  #Quality 👌

Is it wrong to say that these Skull are.... well... Kinda Creepy 😱
(we think the Black Obsidian looks a little like Darth Vader LOL! 😁)

 Unique 'Hollow' Design (Hollow Eyes & Nose) 

Perfect for Placing on Rotating Crystal Display Bases with 'LED' Lights (the lights will shine out of the Skulls Eyes and Nose - SERIOUSLY.THIS.IS.EVEN.CREEPIER! )

Each Skull Measures approximately 40mm.

      Please note: These are Hand Carved and due to the Gemstones Natural Characteristics each Skull is individual in both size and inclusions.

      Genuine Gemstones.
      Each Piece Sold Separately.