Donut Triangle Pendants - 35mm

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Please note: Does NOT include Necklaces.

If you enjoy making your own Jewellery (or have Customers that do) then we would highly recommend these Absolutely Stunning Donut Triangles.

These Pendants have a Truly Beautiful Sleek and a Glossy Finish, with well Defined Crisp Angles - just wait until you feel them in your hands... 

Buy more than one: Perhaps link them together to form a Trailing Chain, or Combine Two and make a Gorgeous Six-Point Hexagram Star!  

For those of you who are Creative (or have Customers that are) and enjoy designing your/their own styles - these Donut Triangles will spark the imagination!

Measuring approximately 35mm * 35mm and 3-4mm Thick

Perfect for Stores and Customers that enjoy making their own Jewellery, Charms, and Accessories.

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~ Carnelian
Goldstone Brown
Picture Jasper
Rose Quartz


Genuine Gemstones.

Each Piece Sold Separately.