40mm Gemstone Dinosaurs

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We are still deciding if these are a 'Short Necked' Brontosaurs (also known as: 'Brachytrachelopan mesai' - but that is a Mouth Full LOL!) 

or a 'Mini Lock Ness Monster'  

What do you think?  Either way, they are sure to attract the Kids and Budding Paleontologists out there! 

 Deeply Polished to give a High Gloss, Quality and Super Smooth Finish.

These Cuties are a Symbol of Confidence, Assurance, Steadiness, and Sure-Footedness.
 (Something I think we all may need more of!)   

Measuring Approximately 40mm Long, 30mm Tall & 15mm Thick.
Weighing Approximately 20 Grams.

Gemstone Carvings have continually proven to be a ‘Popular’ item.  Be sure you have some available in your Store. 

Please note: Due to the Gemstones Natural Characteristics, each Carving is individual in size, shape, colour, and inclusions.
Genuine Gemstones.
Each Piece Sold Separately.