Tumbled Stone - Nephrite Jade (Canadian Jade)

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Nephrite Jade (Canadian Jade) - PROTECTIVE - Wards off Negative Vibrations and Cleanses your Aura. Offers Psychic Protection in ‘Meditations’ and ’Dream Work’ and as Protection against illness.

This Gemstone - Size ranges from 25mm - 30mm

Gemstone Information:  Jade is one of two gemstones, Nephrite or Jadeite. Nephrite Jade, a silicate of calcium and magnesium, is found in many countries, predominantly in Western Canada. No artificial colouring or dyes are used to enhance the colour of this Jade. 

Nephrite jade is mostly found in a variety of green colours, but it can also occur white to grey, yellowish to brownish, near-black and other colours. Stones are often multicoloured and may exhibit some mottling. Unicolored stones are quite rare. Nephrite jade with deep and solid green colour is considered to be the most valuable.

Whereas, Jadeite is slightly harder than Nephrite. Colours of Jadeite range from white to black with intense greens and lavender being the most sought after. Jadeite is often colour enhanced.

Source: The Gemstone Society.

The Quality, Feel and Colour of this Gemstone is Lush!  

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