Tumbled Stone - Chocolate Jasper (Large)

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'Large' Chocolate Jasper - Approximate Size: 30-35mm

You may choose from the following sizes:

 (Please Note: as these are Larger Stones, they are Not available in 100gms)

> 200gms
> 500gms
> 1 Kilo

All Gemstones come with a 'Description and Attributes Card'.

Chocolate Jasper - ENCOURAGING Connects one to the Earth and encourages Strong Ecological Awareness. Brings Stability and Balance. Helps to dissolve sudden rushes of Fear or Panic. Facilitates Deep Meditation and Grants Access to Past Lives for Karmic Healing.

  We think it worth pointing out that these Tumbles look SO Yummy - and Feel Silky Smooth - that the Kidlets may want to pop them into their mouth - and possibly break a tooth - or worse... so please keep this in mind when displaying this Lucious, Delicious Tumble.