Generator - 35mm Rose Quartz

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Generator - 35mm Rose Quartz

Measuring 35mm High with a 15mm Flat Base.

Magnificent, High-Quality Rose Quartz Generator Point  

A Generator is a Single Crystal with 6 Facets Meeting in a Sharp Point. Also known as a 'Centre Point'. Generators are a Very Symmetrical & Focusing Crystals - and are Potent Power Sources For Other Crystals.  Perfect for Gridding and Meditation!

The Fair and Lovely Rose Quartz, with its Gentle Pink Essence, is a Stone of the Heart 💖 a Crystal of Unconditional Love. It Carries a Soft Feminine Energy of Compassion and Peace, Tenderness and Healing, Nourishment and Comfort. It Speaks Directly to the Heart Chakra, Dissolving Emotional Wounds, Fears and Resentments, and helps to Circulate Divine Loving Energy Throughout the Entire Aura. It provides a Deep Sense of Personal Fulfillment and Contentment - Allowing One the Capacity to Truly Give and Receive Love from Others.