Gemstone Carving - Turtle in Aventurine Green - 50mm

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Turtles Hand-Carved from Aventurine Green. 

The Turtle Totem Reminds us Not to Push Ourselves so Fast that we Make Errors and Miss Opportunities.  The Turtle has the Wisdom of Knowing that All Things Come in Perfect and Divine Timing - Sharing the Golden Lesson of Patience...

Carved and Polished to give a High Gloss and Smooth Finish.  With Lovely Detail on the Shell.

Measuring approximately 50mm Long (nose to tail), 25mm in Height (base to top of shell) and & 40mm Wide.  A Very Solid Little Chap!

Gemstone Carvings have continually proven to be a ‘Popular’ item.  Be sure you have some available in your Store. 

Please note: Due to the Gemstones Natural Characteristics, each Carving is individual in size, shape, colour, and inclusions.

Genuine Gemstones.

Each Piece Sold Separately.